Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Planets are back in alignment

He's Back!  And bigger than before (I shall explain later!) bearing gifts and tales of adventure and intrigue, well at least about snow and long lost brothers. No sooner was he home, he was doing work and the phones were ringing! wtf?!

On a brighter note, Martha turned five yesterday. We celebrated with an ice cream Dolly Varden (sorry to disappoint but I bought it!) a princess feast (but I made this) and just a home made party with no outsourced entertainment.  10 little people and they all had fun and showered Martha with friendship and happiness and lovely gifts.  I deliberately didn't go overboard this year and it worked so well...no special costumes and she loved wearing her best dress (how sick am I giving away the annual "best dress" showing no signs of wear), I curled her hair (divine) and used some old IKEA fabric I bought cheaply years ago that by incident had princess theme all over it (crowns and frogs) crepe paper streamers and bows on chairs.  Not a huge feast but adequate and lovely, fresh flowers on the table. Old fashion games and guess what?! Yes, the unfashionable concept of free play!    Two hours and we had a great time.

It is amazing how different our home feels now that Garrett is home. It is like we have all fully exhaled, that our full level of sercurity has been reinstalled and now we can relax.  I feel safe, whole and happy.
And tonight, a real treat, Garrett is cooking the dinner. Finally a meal that I don't have to cook!

This weeks' agenda:
* buy G's parent's Christmas present
* make calendar of kids art
* Bake Christmas cake
* buy TV 
* organise my mum's presents. Vouchers and lavendar sachets


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