Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...the garage sale is boring

We finally got all our unwanted stuff sorted into category and piled under our carport, balloon garlands decorating the house and street corner along with signs heralding our garage sale. It was finally happening and so was the rain. Solid, non stop, soaking rain. Great! For the water reserves, gardens, parks, sporting ovals and swimming pools BUT not for garage sales! We make $45 in the first hour, but so miserable and the streets being void of bargain hunters (let's face it, we bargain hunters are sensible folk who, quite rightly, decide satying indoors and watching the rain through the steam off bowls of fresh soup is a far better option!
Two and a half hours later we closed the garage door and joined the sensible folk inside.

I am now pondering what I have to do on my "to do list" and wondering what do I feel like making. Cold weather is wonderful knitting weather, maybe something small that I can finish in one afternoon, but what? Will get back to you later...

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