Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Euphoria has Cleared

And I am buggered, exhausted and flat on my bum. Can't get up. Nope. I have just run out of juice.
G was supposed to be having this week off but, nope, worked all week, coming home late....

But I did get making some things. Lavendar bags for my Mum. Yo-yo hair ties for my daughter and niece. And I am going to have a go at making a skirt for myself. Feeling down on the world yesterday, I felt in need of a retail fix. BUT I remembered the "PLEDGE". So off to the OP shop I went. The bounty : a lino cut picture (I don't think I like it now) $4, 4 x quirky souvineer spoons. $4 for a gorgeous little vase and some vintage children's books for making cards. So a nice little haul for under $15!

I'll post some pics in a few hours.

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Corrie said...

well done and welcome to blogging