Monday, November 3, 2008

Stay tuned this blog is going to get a huge overhaul!   I see so many lovely blogs and mine is just bluk.  So this week I am off to buy a new camera and then there will be no stopping me.
Also I think it is time to intergrate some of my "stuff".....

So much has happened lately. DH has been in Korea for three weeks and now has left for four weeks to Scotland.  *sigh* So lonely.   Sure the kids are company but, well you understand this difference, they cannot determine when it is ok to ignore me and when to send me off for peace and quiet! LOL.  Actually, they have been wonderful people, all seeking ways to help me out in the past few days. DS9 has been astounding with his degree of empathy, not just helping me, but describing how I must be feeling...such a little kindred soul.

My goal for the week?

Add some stuff to my blog
Get out and exercise and clear my head, which is really fogging up.
Not disagree vehemently with my Mother whilst she is visiting this week....
Get m y veggie patch, well looking like a veggie patch!

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