Saturday, November 29, 2008

More on Saturday

Today has definitely NOT been as fruitful as yesterday.

* We went to a fete,only to find there was a queue to get in wtf? So we left, abandoning hope for any vintage goodies that may of been waiting for me.

*  We went to Doncaster Shoppingtown, it is huge after rennovations and every shop is shiny, decadent expensive, stocked with things expensive, shiny and  most likely, superfluous.  

We, three kids and myself, felt lost, small and not rich enough!  Sooooo much noise. I am afraid that I must confess, for a moment or two I felt very shabby and in need of the make-over that these shops implied I needed, and yes in my current state, it would need lots of $$$$. HOWEVER, I managed to remember my pledge and NOT buy lots of crap.  Martha spent her birthday money from Gran and we did splurge on some nice t-shirts that were mega bargains. We then got lost in the centre and all agreed, once in the safety of our car homeward bound, the experience left us psychologically damaged.

Not all was bad, 
* we got voting out of the way 
* I did get some gorgeous Aesop face cream and cleanser

* and we had Vietnamese for dinner yum!

* 12 hours to go and my darling will be back in our home!

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