Saturday, November 29, 2008

He's coming home!

Ah glory be, my darling heart is in the air, winging has way home to me. To us.

Yesterday was such a day of achievement indeed!  It started with doing fruit duty in the morning at my daughter's kinder.  This is always fun,even though I grumble all the way there, but once I am there I have a ball.  Next Tuesday, Garrett and I will do fruit duty as it is Martha's birthday on Monday (she will be FIVE!)  so that shall be fun but also sad as it will be our last fruit duty ever. Seven years of kinder duty over....Time marches on.

Well, after fruit duty I raced home to beat the rain and mowed the lawn so our yard will look lovely for Martha's birthday party.  Garrett offered to sort it out when he returned home, but imagine making the poor jet lagged guy mow the lawns, it's enough that he has returned to us!  
Then I hit Watsonia to checkout the Op shops, there are three good ones in one village strip including one belonging to our church.   And find of finds!  I found a vintage tea pot stand (trivet), mint condition, with a ballerina on it. British Plastics, made in Melbourne!!!!

My mum had one almost identical during my growing up years. I loved it.  And it was the princely sum of $1!  Yes indeedy!  I will be posting a picture of it in the next day or two.
Well better go, I have to vote, bake, shop and get the house back into some sort of order!

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