Saturday, November 29, 2008

More on Saturday

Today has definitely NOT been as fruitful as yesterday.

* We went to a fete,only to find there was a queue to get in wtf? So we left, abandoning hope for any vintage goodies that may of been waiting for me.

*  We went to Doncaster Shoppingtown, it is huge after rennovations and every shop is shiny, decadent expensive, stocked with things expensive, shiny and  most likely, superfluous.  

We, three kids and myself, felt lost, small and not rich enough!  Sooooo much noise. I am afraid that I must confess, for a moment or two I felt very shabby and in need of the make-over that these shops implied I needed, and yes in my current state, it would need lots of $$$$. HOWEVER, I managed to remember my pledge and NOT buy lots of crap.  Martha spent her birthday money from Gran and we did splurge on some nice t-shirts that were mega bargains. We then got lost in the centre and all agreed, once in the safety of our car homeward bound, the experience left us psychologically damaged.

Not all was bad, 
* we got voting out of the way 
* I did get some gorgeous Aesop face cream and cleanser

* and we had Vietnamese for dinner yum!

* 12 hours to go and my darling will be back in our home!

He's coming home!

Ah glory be, my darling heart is in the air, winging has way home to me. To us.

Yesterday was such a day of achievement indeed!  It started with doing fruit duty in the morning at my daughter's kinder.  This is always fun,even though I grumble all the way there, but once I am there I have a ball.  Next Tuesday, Garrett and I will do fruit duty as it is Martha's birthday on Monday (she will be FIVE!)  so that shall be fun but also sad as it will be our last fruit duty ever. Seven years of kinder duty over....Time marches on.

Well, after fruit duty I raced home to beat the rain and mowed the lawn so our yard will look lovely for Martha's birthday party.  Garrett offered to sort it out when he returned home, but imagine making the poor jet lagged guy mow the lawns, it's enough that he has returned to us!  
Then I hit Watsonia to checkout the Op shops, there are three good ones in one village strip including one belonging to our church.   And find of finds!  I found a vintage tea pot stand (trivet), mint condition, with a ballerina on it. British Plastics, made in Melbourne!!!!

My mum had one almost identical during my growing up years. I loved it.  And it was the princely sum of $1!  Yes indeedy!  I will be posting a picture of it in the next day or two.
Well better go, I have to vote, bake, shop and get the house back into some sort of order!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Still building, determination set, but if only I could code!

Well that is where Garrett will come in handy and I will shock him next week and ask for my first "coding" lesson!  Phew! This boffin stuff is tricky but so am I. Yes I am going to shrug off my luddite cloak of comfort and face the harsh reality of technology!

Cheese scones have been devoured by hungry children this morning and a big hit. We have an extra kid here today as his Mum is busy bringing his new sister into  this world.  Well I had better get my whip out as I may need to use it if anyone is still playing with star wars and in ther pj's not dressed for school.

Watching the news:  more distress in the world, more prayers needed for peace.
Still trying to arrange my blog! I think I will have to wait until DH gets home (30 days away from us is tooo long without IT support - ok too long without him too!)

I have just whipped up some cheese and chive scones, I used a flower shaped cookie cutter and they look gorgeous!  School lunches tomorrow shall be virtuous.  I have been inspired by so many many beautiful blogs that I have visited this evening.  I just had to run to the kitchen and bake something!

well back to building my blog!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Stay tuned this blog is going to get a huge overhaul!   I see so many lovely blogs and mine is just bluk.  So this week I am off to buy a new camera and then there will be no stopping me.
Also I think it is time to intergrate some of my "stuff".....

So much has happened lately. DH has been in Korea for three weeks and now has left for four weeks to Scotland.  *sigh* So lonely.   Sure the kids are company but, well you understand this difference, they cannot determine when it is ok to ignore me and when to send me off for peace and quiet! LOL.  Actually, they have been wonderful people, all seeking ways to help me out in the past few days. DS9 has been astounding with his degree of empathy, not just helping me, but describing how I must be feeling...such a little kindred soul.

My goal for the week?

Add some stuff to my blog
Get out and exercise and clear my head, which is really fogging up.
Not disagree vehemently with my Mother whilst she is visiting this week....
Get m y veggie patch, well looking like a veggie patch!