Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fresh New Chapter

Anybody out there?

It has been a while, over a year in fact. Over a year since I abandoned blogging to manage a run away train aka my life.   I am back looking at this tired old dear of a blog, wondering if I should renovate her or cut her loose into the bloggersphere.

Maybe just one more shot. Just another try.

So 2015 was life changing, for me and my family. Mr G and I parted ways and our family home was sold. We are still the best of friends and I am proud to say there was no need for Lawyers, everything was and is amicable and fair.  Our children, all now in high school are travelling well through this new frontier of "mum's house" and "dad's house" - which is what really makes me sad, as it is no longer "home", it's mum's or dad's.

Last year was incredible and if there is one thing I have learned, is that nothing is certain and if the universe has you in its sights, there is no where to run.   When I was in high school, I was young rebellious thing with a taste for adventure and no fear of speaking my mind. One day in Year 7, a friend brought this boy over to our group and it was love at first sight, well for me at least. Time went on and this boy would walk me home, get rid of poor choices of date for me, stare down bullies that picked on me, smoked with me down the alley behind the school but never, never would he ask me out.  Not long after we both ran away from school at too young an age ( I tell you, I was one rebellious punk girl) I bumped into him at a Pub in which we were both under age drinking in, but knew the bar staff well, hey the good old 1980's a very different time!  My heart pounded as it always did when he was near, I sided up to him and gave him attitude and cheek,  and soon we were both engrossed in conversation for over an hour. Next thing his mate tapped his shoulder to go - my high school sweetheart jumped up, kissed my forehead and whispered "I have always had a soft spot for you". That was the last I saw of him.

Fast forward 30 plus years.  Taking respite in QLD last year,  I met this boy for lunch. Eyes locked, hearts pounded and we have been inseparable since.  I am with the love of my life.

My life is so very different now.  So much is different.  I have a wonderful new home, so very different to the old one. I love this house and am thoroughly enjoying making it a home.  My kids are still thriving.  I am with the love of my life.  I do so many new and varied things. In fact, I honestly feel that I have found myself again. And it feels good.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Not so listless

 wall mural in Bridge Rd. Richmond, Melbourne
Making : Cushion covers

Cooking : Lots and lots of salads

Drinking : Water and iced teas

Reading: Tree of Man by Patrick White ( hard work and not loving it)

Wanting: To get my kitchen splashbacks tiled asap ( why is it so hard to get a tradie to turn up when you booked them!?)
Looking:  Relaxed
Playing: Uno

Wasting: Not much! I have been paying extra attention to using everything in my fridge and cupboards and not over stocking

Sewing: Afore mentioned cushion covers

Wishing:  I was at the beach

Enjoying: throwing stuff out - finally starting to feel a bit more room around me

Waiting: For Monday when I commence a new job! I am returning to mental health and feel super excited

Liking:  That this Summer is not so scorching

Wondering: Why there aren't better movies on TV. After all so many have been made.

Loving: Riding my bike that has laid dormant for a year

Hoping: I will lose a kilogram this week, my weekly hope since forever

Marveling: Over my new Samsung phone and how clever I am getting with it

Needing: Get my stuff together for my first day

Smelling: Fresh air. Throwing all the windows open and loving the fresh breeze flowing through my home

Wearing:  Dresses, simple and easy, I love the dress

Following: Pip at Meet me at Mikes, always

Noticing: How relaxed everyone here is these days

Knowing: That it is all good and time is too valuable to waste

Thinking:I need to try some new things out

Feeling: That I want to blog again

Opening: My kindle as much as possible

Giggling: With my kids at how lazy our dog is and loving the furry canine with relish

Friday, January 16, 2015

Doing the Mambo

Holidays at home, what a great time to catch up on doing things in your own city. Today my middle kid and I boarded a train headed for Flinders St station CBD with the intent of catching an exhibition.

 Excitedly we headed over to Federation Square (one of my favourite public spaces) to catch the MAMBO exhibition over at ACME.  MAMBO has been a great Australian brand of surf gear that has always provided  a unique take on what art is and a clever edge of satire on the Aussie culture.  If you are in Melbourne between now and Feb, pop in a see this great exhibit and humorous bit of Aussie surf history.

 The exhibition is free to enter, colourful and albeit small it provides the history of MAMBO art.

the invisible donkey

wallpaper for the bathroom or guest room maybe?

the invisible donkey wants to know who the hell is Mr Ed?

Blessed surf

Nic nac Mambo style!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

It my favourite time of the year!

Happy New Year!

I simply live for New Year! I adore starting a new diary, setting big meaty goals and assessing the previous year's goals to see what my hit rate was.  Most of all I love the feeling of a new year - that feeling of a clean slate, endless possibilities. That feeling of HOPE.

Hope is a central construct to, growth, healing and change. In my thinking, it is the essence of LIFE.

This year I hold so much hope. I am wracked with excitement. So many wonderful things lay ahead planned and unplanned.  So much to feel good about. I am going to fill my life this year with colour, difference, change and worth. Can't wait to get into it!!

2014 was an interesting year, some of my goals fell flat but others zoomed through! 

It was an awful year for my husband who faced big career challenges and still does. He survived the stresses and is only a little unbalanced now. Just a little!

Martha and I went to a mega concert and saw the divine Katy Perry. It was amazing, it didn't feel like a huge concert despite the size of the corwd and that wonderful woman had the room bopping around to her songs - there was so much love in the room!!! I want to adopt Katy Perry.

Christmas arrived and almost caught me off guard! Never have I been under the pump to get things done. Never!   By Christmas arvo I crashed for a big nap.  I think we might change how we do Christmas at little for next year...A roast dinner doesn't feel that speccie to me anymore despite the traditional feelings.

Soon after Christmas, I left my job at local govt. It was really hard as I ADORE my work pals soooo much. But I needed a change and wanted to get better direction. So I have taken on a new role, I will be returning to mental health with a new initiative. A lot of my pals were on leave on my last day, but I was still taken out to lunch and received a lovely card bursting with well wishes and these GORGEOUS flowers! White and green! How did they know!?

By New Years Eve, Martha and I - in fact the whole family were tired and ready to kiss 2014 goodbye!  We all made it to midnight at a friend's place. Mr G and I both chose not to drink and challenge ourselves to be social without booze - turned out most of our friends did the same! It was a great night but it was even better to hop into bed with a cup tea and good DVD at 1am. 

2015 is going to be awesome and I plan to blog blog blog, instagram and  Facebook like crazy! So see you all around soon and Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Not that I am complaining!

Well let me tell you, the craziest things are happening with me!
Not only do I have all these crazy changes going on like insane weight fluctuations : I lose 3kg in a week then 3 weeks I am 5kg heavier, after retreating to the fainting couch in despair the next week I am back to being at square one.  And  spending the most of Winter sleeping like a starfish beached on top of the doona, sleeping the slumber of the damned , thankfully I have finally found an anti-depressant and a natural supplement that works. Now I have deep, wonderful heatless sleep ahhhhh. 
Oh and I don't get PMS that sends me looking for the ice pick!

But the crazy new, GOOD thing is my nails!
I have never had good strong nails. They peeled and chipped and never grew. Granted I am using a nail hardener but man! I have talons!! 
Like salon worthy nails.
I played around with a French Mani at home - but I am sooo off to the salon.

My detox is going ok - few blips : damn you Book Club and those grape loading witches! The Book Coven meets and the grape and bubbles flow along with chocolate and cheese.
We love it.
Yes we do.
We just read The Goldfinch 800ish pages. Sooooo long. Not bad though. Have you read it?
This month we are reading Tim Winton's Eyrie.

So detox back on and this week is going well. I am feeling a wee bit better.
And glamorous with my glossy long nails!

What crazy things are happening with you? Read any good books lately?

Thanks for popping in

Miss Pxx

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yes, I am really going to do it

Yessiree Bob, I am doin' it!
I am going to go on a Detox!

You see I eat well,  I  also exercise but I feel crap.  Really flat.
I know what the main cause is.

It is that my body is changing. Changing in its biggest way since puberty.  Mood swings, sleep changes, body shape change, night sweats and the menstrual cycle that I could once set my clock by has gone haywire.  Truly, put it all together and it feels like misery. Plus I am terrified I will look in the mirror and see i have transformed into an old crone!

 Yes I am talking about Menopause - Peri menopause, whatever, either way I have stepped through that "lady doorway" that comes with a whole heap of aging baggage and I hate it.  I am pretty young for it actually say the stats, but according to my mum both my Grandmothers went through very early and my mum in her late 40's.  So, according to the family tree, I am on the biological , hereditary track of correctness. I went to the GP and she confirmed it . Bwwwahhhh! I don't wanna be old!!

I have just finished my contract at work *sniff*, something else to moan about. So I am having a few weeks off before I return to the same place as a casual staff member.  So it is time to Detox!
Nope, I am not giving into this epoch of change that is so socially demeaned as old. No way.

Luckily I have a good friend who is a Natropath and lives in the real world. By that I mean she gets that it is not practical to change everything overnight, throw out food and demand a family of teens and tweens eat vegan -who would them in return overthrow my leadership and anarchy would reign! My friend also gets I need to take medications that are pharmaceutical and vital to maintaining a balanced mental health. I once went to another alternative medicine specialist and it cost me bomb, she wanted change every aspect of my lifestyle and I failed in the first week. It took me two years to bring myself to finally throw out the supplements ( now out of date) she prescribed.

So a gentle detox I shall go! 
I am starting it on Monday. 2 very noisy members of the household will be gone and I will be left with 2 ambivalent teen boys, which pretty much means I will be left to do what I want!   
I am really looking forward to this -  I have my drops and supps, have my natural bristle brush for dry skin brushing and I am going to look for ways to cut right back on the gluten.  

Oh to not feel like my name is Mrs Slugworth! Glory Be! Goodbye Chardy! Hello feeling good!

So I will see you on Monday and you can see how I start the journey with me!

Miss P xx